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Into the Wild

I recently re-read the book “Into the wild” by John Krakauer.  The story is based on the true story of Christopher John McCandless, a college graduate from an upper middle-class family who turned his back on convention to quiet his … Continue reading

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Memorial: The land as a friend

I am what is refered to as “middle aged.”  In just a few days I will hit the amazing double nickle birthday, then be on a new adventure toward 60.   I try not to get hung up on the … Continue reading

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Beauty in the dung heap

It can be a difficult topic for some and I certainly understand why. Let’s just get all the troubling names for it right up front.  Dung, droppings, scat, piles, meadow muffins, do-do, leavings, poo, pies, all words that conjure images that are … Continue reading

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A leap to the dry side

I tend to think of mossy realms as existing only where the rains are plentiful and dampness settles across the landscape in misty layers.  But there are mossy realms everywhere, even in extremely dry places. I recently spent 12 days above the … Continue reading

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The secret hush of moss

I frequently write about my hikes in the morning forest and the magic of first light, but today I want to share the thrill of a late hike through forest understory at the end of a sunny day.  It is … Continue reading

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The magical messy mossy garden

There is simply nothing like spring here on the peninsula.  It comes early in this moderate climate and May brings a rollicking parade of colors that excite the senses like the surprise of a flock of wild macaws landing in the yard.  Azaleas … Continue reading

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The adventure of mystery

When I hike, I usually start out from an established trailhead, a logging road or a well worn path, but as frequently happens, somewhere along the hike some magical space snags my curious spirit and tugs me off the trail, … Continue reading

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Sunshine through mossy curtains

I left the house at 6:30 to hike the trails behind Black Lake, a picturesque freshwater lake at the southern end of the peninsula.  It is spring and each day brings new gifts to the forest.  Delicate fronds unfurl, the beautiful … Continue reading

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