Sunshine through mossy curtains

I left the house at 6:30 to hike the trails behind Black Lake, a picturesque freshwater lake at the southern end of the peninsula.  Forest and blog photo 007

It is spring and each day brings new gifts to the forest.  Delicate fronds unfurl, the beautiful mysterious trilliums seemed to have appeared and disappeared within days. The tiny yellow blossoms of wood violets have finished just as the enchanting white blooms of false lilies rise from their carpet of heart shaped leaves to spread across the forest floor. Forest and blog photo 047

Early morning is my favorite time to hike, especially when there is sunshine.  It streams and puddles throughout the quiet forest like warm honey, and when it shines through branches hung with long valances of beard moss, I see the manes of a thousand green horses lifting and falling in the breeze.  I stand inspired, with a filled heart.

Mossy whispers:  Keep the wonder.  Move toward the leaves and moss.  Feed your soul with textures. Love the simple. 

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