A primordial dream

I hike into the dawn forest as the sun begins to rise from behind distant hills.  This is my favorite time of day and it always feels like a special secret.  Black Lake five-thirty AM 053

I weave beneath the trees with electric anticipation, waiting silently for the spellbinding moment when the shadowy landscape begins to glow and change as the sun breaks above the horizon to stream across the forest floor in soft gold blankets.Black Lake five-thirty AM 065

The wild spaces around me slowly bloom into a gleaming primordial dream.  Everything comes to life in a breathtaking display of golds, emeralds, blacks and chartreuses that almost seem more music than light.  Blazing halos outline dark mossy trunks and hulking stumps. Ferns reach their tender spring fingertips into chiffon curtains of light and hemlock boughs turn to lime colored lace.

I sink once more into the alluring majesty of deep forest, into the rapture of first light, my soul dancing in pure shimmering gratitude.

Mossy whispers:  Rise early.  Begin your day with magic.  Leap into your own wild joy.  The day only asks for you to shine brightly as yourself.        

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  2. Peggy Frye says:

    Beautiful as always…….

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